Scine of the creme.

“I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,”
LOL. Yes Man.

Recently I was diagnosed with a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on my drawing arm. So I am taking this resting time from drawing to write; since I can still type with my left hand.
I created my own font and decided to use it for my upcoming conclusion to the comic that had been on a long hiatus, Intipati.
It’s a comic book nobody asked for but I just had to do it because I’m a storytelling addict. This is a promotional image of the narrated prologue.
I hope to finish this in time for Comic Art Festival KL 2014 so please recover fast, hand!


Hi guys, I’ve been absent for the past month due to pre-production work with Space Goat Productions There’s a lot more but for now here are some of the approved concepts already made public on the official Facebook page.

Wear your heart out.

Lionheart T-shirts available on Society6.

Dreamt of among hopefuls, coveted by the forlorn, and even more desperate among the wretched.

Black Light confirmed as cameo in Inipati.


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